Medical Strategies

About Us

  • Created in 2000
  • Missions:
    • Consulting activities: medical strategies, pharma portfolio strategies, start-up advising
    • From 2014: Development of Gynov’s line of products
    • 2015: creation of a new company to develop products for clinical nutrition and food supplements in the gastro segment
  • Product development:
    • design ‘specialized’ dietary supplements on the basis of a strong and validated medico-scientific rational,
    • manufacture products with the same level of requirement for drugs (GMP-like),
    • grant exclusive distribution licenses by countries with pharmaceutical companies with a specific sales force,
    • promote prescription of the products by the medical professions


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Medical Strategies

Start-up advising

  • Medical strategies


Managing board

Pierre-Yves Mousset, MD

20 years of experience in scientific medical consulting

Former CEO of Draft Healthcare & Proteines communication agencies

Pierre Rimbaud, MD

30 years of experience in scientific medical consulting

Member of Seventure (private equity fund) advisory board
Scientific director of Enterome & MaaT Pharma

Olivier Lefèvre, Pharmacist

23 years of experience in pharmaceutical industries

Former BD manager of Chemo

Scientific comittee

Pr Joel Doré. INRA Jouy en Josas – Research Director & Head of food microbiology unit
Pr Dan Waitzberg. UMSP Sao Paulo – Gastrointestinal surgeon & clinical nutrologist